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The Assorted Scenes And Scriptures Screen Saver 1.0 contains 20 sunsets, animals, birds, flowers, mountains, snow and other nature scenes from various places that can be viewed original size or stretched to fit screen without distortion. You can customize the display order of pictures (sequential, random, or mixed). Over 100 random transition effects are included and can be user chosen. There are 3 Christian music MP3 files with on/off included or choose your own music and play as many tunes as you want (create a playlist for your music). You can also change your exit conditions (mouse move, mouse button click, keyboard button, ESC button). Biblical scriptures are taken from the Old and New Testaments of the King James Bible. Shareware version shows only 10 of the 20 pictures for 14 days. Upon payment, registered users will receive unlock password for all of the pictures with no time limit. Simple install and uninstall are also included. Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. is a non-profit organization aimed to give Bibles and other Christian literature, audios, and videos to prison chaplains, as well as counseling to repented inmates. To help fund this mission, we have created screensavers with music.

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